ESA-JAXA Pre-Launch EarthCARE
Science and Validation Workshop

13 17 November 2023 | ESA-ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy 

Science Workshop Objectives

  • Provide open forum for the science community to present and discuss EarthCARE science topics and results.

  • Identify and consolidate science questions addressed by EarthCARE's unique observational capabilities and data products. 

  • Promote synergy of EarthCARE with past, present and future satellite missions, for both active and passive remote sensing instruments. 

  • Foster international collaboration in the preparation of the scientific exploitation of EarthCARE. 

  • Identify novel, scientific use cases and applications for EarthCARE within the cloud, precipitation, aerosol and radiation interaction domain and beyond. 

  • Explore EarthCARE’s contribution to support the development and scientific exploitation of ESMs, mesoscale atmospheric models, NWP & cloud models, both for model improvement and key observational data. 

  • Investigate EarthCARE’s potential to support climate process studies and trend assessments.

  • Encourage a new, diverse generation of remote sensing atmospheric scientists to explore EarthCARE and associated observations in the future. 

  • Provide training opportunities to familiarize the science community with EarthCARE products, tools and databases.

  • Provide recommendations on the EarthCARE scientific preparation and exploitation.