ESA-JAXA Pre-Launch EarthCARE
Science and Validation Workshop

13 17 November 2023 | ESA-ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy 


Day 1: Mo., 13 November 2023
Workshop Welcome and Logistics, Chairs: Thorsten Fehr (ESA), Takuji Kubota (JAXA)
9:1510Welcome and Logistics
Rune  Floberghagen and Björn Frommknecht, ESA
9:2510Welcome Address ESA Director for EO Programmes
Simonetta Cheli, ESA
9:3510Welcome Address JAXA Director General for Space Technology Directorate 
Koji Terada, JAXA
9:4520ESA EarthCARE Project Status
Dirk Bernaerts, ESA
10:0510JAXA EarthCARE Project Status
Eichi Tomita, JAXA
10:1510ESA EarthCARE Product Overview
Jonas von Bismarck, ESA
10:2510JAXA EarthCARE Product Overview
Takuji Kubota, JAXA
Science Session: Processes and Algorithms 1: Lidar, Chairs: Eleni Marinou (NOA), Nobuhiro Takahashi (Nagoya University)
10:3515Aerosol observation using ATLID and CALIOP and its application
Tomoaki Nishizawa, National Institute For Environmental Studies
10:5015Novel Retrievals of Aerosol Microphysical and Radiative Properties from Lidar Observations in Future Satellite Missions
Jens Redemann, School Of Meteorology, University Of Oklahoma
11:0515From HETEAC to HETEAC-Flex and beyond- algorithm developments in preparation for EarthCARE
Athena Augousta Floutsi, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
11:2025Coffee Break
11:4515Validation of EarthCARE’s aerosol model HETEAC with airborne in-situ observations 
Moritz Haarig, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
12:0015Spaceborne lidars for Ocean Color studies: the results of the COLOR project from the perspective of the EarthCARE mission
Davide Dionisi, Italian National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR - ISMAR)
Science Session: Processes and Algorithms 2: Aerosols and Clouds, Chairs:  Ulla Wandinger (TROPOS), Tomoaki Nishizawa (NIES)
12:1515Novel observational constraints on aerosol-cloud interactions combining active and geostationary satellites
Philip Stier, University Of Oxford
12:3015Aerosol Characterisation from Space Lidar ALADIN and CALIOPmeasurements
Rui Song, University Of Oxford
12:4515LITES: optical, microphysical and chemical characterization of aerosols with lidar
Detlef Mueller, University Of Hertfordshire
13:0015The CERTAINTY project and its interaction with the EarthCARE mission.
Gerd-jan Van Zadelhoff, KNMI
13:1515Clouds and climate transitioning to post-fossil aerosol regime: CleanCloud
Athanasios Nenes, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
13:3015An overview of the use of EarthCARE products within the EUMETSAT validation facility for Level 2 Cloud and Aerosol products 
Loredana Spezzi, EUMETSAT
13:4560Lunch Break
Science Session: Techniques 1: Simulator and Corrections, Chairs Alessandro Battaglia (Politecnico di Torino), Teruyuki Nakajima (JAXA)
14:4520The path of the EarthCARE mission development toward understanding global radiation, cloud, and aerosol interaction
Terry Nakajima
15:0515Harnessing the power of forward models: past, present and future
Robin Hogan, ECMWF
15:2015Geolocation and co-registration of the EarthCare CPR and ATLID instruments
Bernat Puigdomènech Treserras, McGill University
15:3515Novel methods to retrieve Doppler spectral widths from EarthCARE-like spaceborne radars
Ousmane Sy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15:5015ATLID in orbit crosstalk characterization
David Donovan, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
16:0515Investigation of the spectral misalignment effect on EarthCARE's Multi-spectral imager cloud and aerosol property retrievals
Anja Hünerbein, Leibniz Institute For Tropospheric Research
16:2030Coffee Break
Science Session: Techniques 2: Missions, Chairs: Silke Groß (DLR), Seiji Kato (NASA)
16:5015CloudSat and CALIPSO and the A-Train: two decades of Earth system science profiling
Graeme Stephens, NASA
17:0515Aeolus Overview
Tommaso Parrinello, European Space Agency
17:2015Aerosol and Carbon dioxide Detection Lidar (ACDL) Overview
Guangyao Dai, Ocean University Of China
17:3515NASA Atmosphere Observing System (AOS) 
Daniel Cecil, NASA
17:5015WIVERN:  A Mission to Observe Global in-cloud Winds, Clouds and Precipitation as part of the ESA Earth Explorer Programme EE11
Alessandro Battaglia, Politecnico di Torino
18:0510Additional Discussion Time
End of Day

Day 2: Tu., 14 November 2023

Science Session: Processes and Algorithms 3: Radar and Imagers, Chairs: Rene Preusker (FU), Kaori Sato (Kyushu University) 
9:1515Cloud and Precipitation Microphysics Retrieval for EarthCARE's Doppler Cloud Profiling Radar Measurements
Kamil Mroz, NCEO, University Of Leicester
9:3015Development of the Earthcare/msi L2 Product Algorithm Using Nicam/joint-simulator Data
Minrui Wang, Tokai University Research & Information Center
9:4515Algorithm developments for the EarthCARE MSI cloud products and the early phase analysis of warm-water clouds by the combined use of the cloud radar and the imager
Takashi Nakajima, University of Tokyo
10:0015Total Column Water Vapour from the Split-Window Bands for EarthCARE MSI and its Possible Applications
Jan Riad El Kassar, Freie Universität Berlin
10:1515Algorithms for retrieving cloud properties
Hajime Okamoto, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
Science Session: Processes and Algorithms 4: Deep Convection and Cirrus, Chairs: Rene Preusker (FU), Kaori Sato (Kyushu University)
10:3015On the utility of the EarthCARE Cloud Profiling Radar Doppler observations for evaluating the representation of convective dynamics in regional and global high-resolution models 
Pavlos Kollias, Stony Brook University / McGill University
10:4515Evaluation of parcel model estimated cloud top height of deep convective clouds with active sensor observation
Seiji Kato, NASA Langley
11:0015Characterisation of Arctic Cirrus by Airborne High Spectral Resolution and Water Vapor Lidar
Martin Wirth, DLR
11:1530Coffee Break
Science Session: Processes and Algorithms 5: Cloud µPhysics, Chairs: Pavlos Kollias (Stony Brook University), Takashi Nakajima (University of Tokyo)
11:4520EarthCARE - The story so far: The first thirty years Anthony Illingworth, U Reading
12:0515Combined use of passive and active remote sensing to characterize the vertical stratification of the cloud thermodynamic phase
Takashi M. Nagao, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
12:2015Beyond number concentration: Application of adiabatic cloud models to infer complete vertical profiles of warm cloud microphysical properties
Matthew Lebsock, Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12:3515Multi-sensor diagnostics of mixed-phase cloud microphysical processes with implication for EarthCARE
Kentaroh Suzuki, University of Tokyo
12:5015Global analysis of cloud-particle categories with their physical properties
Kaori Sato, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, Kyushu University
13:0515Retrieving 3D Microphysical Properties of Marine Low Clouds Using Passive-Active Synergistic Satellite Observations 
Christine Chiu, Colorado State University
13:2015Evaluations of a microphysics scheme using the ground observation data and EarthCARE-like data
Woosub Roh, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
13:3515K2W, a methodology for evaluating spaceborne W-band Doppler radar using Micro Rain Radar and disdrometer: results from an Italian station in Antarctica
Alessandro Bracci, CNR-ISAC
13:5055Lunch Break
14:4590Demos/Poster Session
16:1530Coffee Break
Session: Long-Term Data Records, Chairs: Nicolas Clerbaux (RMI), Rei Kudo, Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency
16:4515Long-term trend of aerosol composition retrieved from CALIOP and MODIS observations
Rei Kudo, Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency
17:0015Maximising the continuity of synergistic cloud-aerosol-precipitation retrievals between the A-Train and EarthCare
Shannon Mason, ECMWF
17:1515Ten-Year Cloud Trends Obtained from Passive MODIS and Active CALIOP and CPR Sensors
Seung-Hee Ham, AMA/LARC
17:3015A multi-decadal review of CloudSat and CALIPSO via monitoring against ERA5
Mark Fielding, ECMWF
17:4515A climate-stable of upper-tropospheric cloud changes from CloudSat's W-Band radar 2006-2019
Mark Richardson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18:0015Estimating Multi-Decadal Cirrus Cloud Top-of-the-Atmosphere  Climate Radiative Forcing Trends Across the Warming Arctic
Erica K. Dolinar, Naval Research Laboratory
18:1515Observing cloud changes due to human caused climate warming with EarthCare and CALIPSO
Helene Chepfer, Sorbonne Université
End of Day

Day 3: We., 15 November 2023
Science Session: Model Assimilation and Parameterisation, Chairs: Jason Cole (ECCC), Kentaroh Suzuki (University of Tokyo) 
9:1515The journey towards assimilation of EarthCARE cloud radar and lidar observations
Marta Janiskova, ECMWF
9:3015Assimilation of different aerosol products of the EarthCare mission during the CAL/VAL program
Laaziz El Amraoui, CNRM,  Université de Toulouse, Météo-France, CNRS
9:4515Lessons for EarthCARE from the assimilation of cloud-affected Aeolus backscatter
Mark Fielding, ECMWF
10:0015Development of a new simulator on COSP2 for vertical doppler velocity of EarthCARE CPR
Yuhi Nakamura, Atomosphere And Ocean Research Institute, The University Of Tokyo
10:1515Updating EarthCARE synthetic data using the global 220-m mesh simulation
Masaki Satoh, Atmosphere And Ocean Research Institute, The University Of Tokyo
Science Session: Radiation and ERB, Chairs: Seiji Kato (NASA), Nicolas Clerbaux (RMI)
10:3015How machine learning models could impact the parameterization of vertical cloud cover within cloud/climate model?
10:4515Assessing Radiative Closure of EarthCARE Cloud and Aerosol Products with Surface Observations with the ACM-RT product
Hartwig Deneke, TROPOS
11:0015Analysis of the radiation budget based on ground-based and satellite remote sensing observations in the Arcitc
Carola Barrientos-Velasco, Leibniz Institute For Tropospheric Research
11:1515EarthCARE radiative closure assessment using A-Train satellite data
Zhipeng Qu, Environment and Climate Change Canada
11:3030Coffee Break
Science Session: Summaries and Science Discussion, Chairs: Robin Hogan (ECMWF), Hajime Okamoto (Kyushu University)
12:0015Science and Cal/Val Campaigns Overview
Silke Groß, DLR; Julien Delanoë, LATMOS
12:1515Scientific Exploitation of EarthCARE Phase E2 science activities of ESA
Christian Retscher, ESA
12:3030Session Summaries
Session Chairs
13:0045Science Discussion
13:4545Lunch Break / End of Science Sessions
14:3015Conference Photo
Calibration and Validation
Session: Lessons Learned, Chairs: L. Baldini, K. Suzuki (Secretaries: S. Rusli, T. Tanaka)
14:4515Introduction by JAXA+ESA
Robert Koopman + Toshiyuki Tanaka
15:0012Looking Back on Lessons Learned from CALIPSO ValidationDavid Winker
15:1212Lessons learnt from Aeolus Cal/ValSebastian Bley
15:2412Lessons learned from the GCOM-C(Shikisai)/SGLI cloud observations (invited)Takashi Nakajima
15:3612Validation activities for dual-frequency precipitation radar (DPR) onboard GPM core observatory (invited)Nobuhiro Takahashi
15:4812Introduction to EarthCARE DISC
Timon Hummel
15:5832Coffee Break
Session: Best Practice and PI Talks, Chairs: D. Winker, N. Takahashi (Secretaries: R. Koopman, T. Hummel)
16:303Session intro
16:335Physical validation of EarthCARE Products
Chandra V Chandrasekar
16:385Validation of EarthCARE doppler with Chinese cloud radar network, and retrievals with tropical triple-frequency radars
Haoran Li
16:435Validate Cloud Profiling Radar on EarthCARE against Aircraft Observations of Cirriform Cloud 
Vaughan Phillips
16:485Statistically Based Calibration/Validation Control of ATLID L1 data
Artem Feofilov
16:5312Defining validation protocols for space-borne aerosol and cloud profile products
Eleni Marinou
17:0512Representativity of air- and spaceborne radar-lidar measurements
Florian Ewald
17:1712Near real-time validation of EarthCARE observations through monitoring within a data assimilation system
Mark Fielding
17:2961Demos/Poster Session
End of Day

Day 4: Th., 16 November 2023
Session: Airborne Campaigns 1, Chairs: S. Gross, J. Delanoë (Secretaries: H. Baars, T. Fehr)
9:153Session intro
9:1812NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Elastic  Backscatter Lidar Efforts Relevant to EarthCare Calibration/Validation and Synergistic Data Products
Ed Nowottnick
9:3012EarthCARE Calibration and Validation Using the NASA LaRC Airborne HSRL-2
Chris Hostetler
9:4212The Arctic POlar Night EXperiment (PONEX) Aircraft Campaign to Assess EarthCARE's cloud property retrieval algorithm
Zhipeng Qu
9:5410Calibration and Validation of EarthCARE’s Cloud Profiling Radar Data Products
Ousmane Sy
10:0410Norwegian EarthCARE Cal/Val Efforts
Robert Oscar David
10:1410Calibration and Validation of EarthCARE Retrieved Products Using Measurements from the UK Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM)
Kamil Mroz
10:2410The Mediterranean EarthCARE Cal/Val experiment ACROSS
Vassilis Amiridis
11:1431Coffee Break
Session: Airborne Campaigns 2, Chairs: P. Kollias, D. Donovan (Secretaries: E. Marinou, J.von Bismarck)
11:453Session intro
11:4810Strategy of measurements with the light balloon aerosols counter LOAC for the validation of EarthCare (BAIVEC project)
Jean-Baptiste Renard
11:5810Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other observations for the cal/val of EarthCARE
Franco Marenco
12:0810In-situ airborne measurements during Aeolus Cal/Val JATAC campaigns – relevance for EarthCARE aerosol products
Griša Močnik
12:1812EC-TOOC – Airborne EarthCARE-like payload for preparation and validation studiesSilke Gross
12:3012BOWTIE – The shipborne Trans-ITCZ Experiment
Julia Windmiller
12:4212MORECALVAL : MObile Radar-Lidar-Radiometer EarthCare CAL/VAL project
Julien Delanoë
Kirk Knobelspiesse 
13:4164Lunch Break
Session: Accepted and prospective PI Talks, Chairs: N. Clerbaux, Y. Ohno (Secretaries: A. Velazquez, T. Tanaka)
14:453Session intro
14:485Development and Validation of the Japanese EarthCARE 4-sensor standard algorithm for radiation fluxes
Akira Yamauchi
14:535Aerosol optical properties and validation plan by using Sky radiometer
Kazuma Aoki
14:585Validation Plan for CPR ECO Product
Hiroaki Horie
15:038GIVE - the German Initiative for the Validationof EarthCARE
Ulla Wandinger
15:1110AVE-ECARE: validation and evaluation of EarthCARE aerosol products.
Larisa Sogacheva
15:2110Norwegian initiative for EarthCARE Validation ofAerosol uncertainties and Radiation products in the Arctic (NEVAR)
Kerstin Stebel
15:3110Extinction validation from Umweltforschungsstation Schneefernerhaus (UFS) - a proposal for additional validation measurements
Thomas Popp
15:4134Coffee Break
Session: Tools, Logistics and prospective PI talks , Chairs: H. Baars, E. Marinou (Secretaries: M. Eisinger, A. Velazquez)
16:153session intro(chair)
16:1810EMORAL lidar observations for EarthCARE Cal/Val Activities and beyondIwona S. Stachlewska
16:2810Validation for the EarthCARE observations with use of spaceborne lidar ACDL and ground-based lidar-net over ChinaGuangyao Dai
16:3815ESA-ECVT logistics
Stephanie Rusli
16:535ESA orbit toolsMontserrat Pinol Sole
16:585Atmosphere Virtual Lab
Sander Niemeijer
17:035Level-1 ATLID simulator
David Donovan
17:085MSI-simulator tool
Msc Nils Madenach
17:135A L1 transformational operator for the objective evaluation of the EarthCARE Cloud Profiling Radar data products using suborbital observations
Lukas Pfitzenmaier
17:185EVDC-Cal/Val database
Ann Mari Fjaeraa
17:235EVDC-Cal/Val tools
Jarek Dobrzanski
17:2862Demos/Poster Session

End of Day

Day 5: Fr., 17 November 2023
Session: Networks and PI Talks 1, Chairs: L. Baldini, T. Nishizawa (Secretaries: H. Baars, T. Tanaka)
9:153session intro
9:185Validation studies of L2 cloud products by CPR, CPR-ATLID and CPR-ATLID-MSI
Hajime Okamoto
9:235EarthCARE validation activities in FinlandDmitri Moisseev
9:285WEGN4CARE: The WegenerNet 3D Open-Air Laboratory for Climate Change Research and its Potential for the Validation of EarthCARE Cloud and Precipitation ProductsAndreas Kvas
9:335An Italian coordinated contribution to the Validation of EarthCARE products from three atmospheric observatories in the Central Mediterranean SeaGian Luigi Liberti
9:3810A 94-GHz Radar Network in Europe for the Calibration and Validation of Spaceborne Cloud Profiling Data ProductsLukas Pfitzenmaier
9:4810CORAL - Cyprus Observations for EarthCare vALidationRodanthi Elisavet Mamouri 
9:5810Combining EarthCare and ARM facility measurements for validation and research applications
James Mather
10:0810EarthCARE Cal/Val preparation activity in the framework of the European Project ATMO-ACCESS
Holger Baars
10:185EVID05: The new structure of the ACTRIS-related contribution to EarthCARE Cal/Val - AECARE
Holger Baars
Eduardo Landulfo
10:285Validation plan for EarthCARE/CPR using scanning Ka-band cloud radar
Tadayasu Ohigashi
10:335EarthCARE BBR L1 and L2 Products Assessment
Nicolas Clerbaux
10:385Preparation for the validation of EarthCARE Product in China
Xiuqing Hu
11:0322Coffee Break
Session: Networks and PI Talks 2, Chairs: U. Wandinger, T. Y. Nakajima (Secretaries: E. Marinou, T. Hummel)
11:253Session intro
11:285Assessment of the environmental conditions for the generation of ice particle types from A-train observations
Shizuka Komatsu
11:335SPACECARE : Study of Precipitation in the AntarctiC with EarthCAREChristophe Genthon 
11:385LITES: cal/val with lidar in Hatfield, UK
Detlef Mueller
11:435Validation of ATLID lidar data by means of ground-based lidar measurements in northern SwedenPeter Voelger
11:485Cabauw Lidar observations for ATLID L1 and L2a product evaluationDavid Donovan
11:535Updates for the Cabauw activities for EarthCARE evaluation (CECARE)Arnoud Apituley
11:585EarthCARE Cal/Val Using the NASA Micro Pulse Lidar Network (MPLNET)
Jasper Lewis
12:035Validation of the EarthCARE ATLID and MSI products using ground-based lidar and sunphotometry measurements
Tomoaki Nishizawa
12:0810Performance Evaluation of the Rain Mask Algorithm for Global Precipitation Monitoring Using NASA MPLNET Lidar Network
Simone Lolli
12:1810AD-Net and SAVER-Net lidar networks for validation of ATLID products
Yoshitaka Jin
12:2810Assessment of EarthCare Aerosol and Cloud Products through Ground-Based Measurements from the E-PROFILE and AERONET Networks. (AEROCLOUD)
Francisco Navas-guzmán
12:3810CPR Doppler validation using WINDAS
Yuichi Ohno
12:4812The WMO GAW Aerosol Lidar Observation Network (GALION): status and coordination plans relevant to EarthCARE
Ellsworth Welton
13:2020Sandwich Break
13:4060Panel Discussion
Ulla Wandinger, Robin Hogan, Jason Cole,
Pavlos Kollias, Hajime Okamoto, Masaki Satoh, Nobuhiro Takahashi, Tomoaki Nishizawa
14:405ClosingESA/JAXA Organisers
End of Conference