ESA-JAXA Pre-Launch EarthCARE
Science and Validation Workshop

13 17 November 2023 | ESA-ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy 


Science Posters
1EarthCARE geolocation accuracy assessment for passive instruments (MSI, BBR): proof of concept 
Edward Baudrez, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (1.1.2 Techniques: Simulator and Corrections)
2Introduction of stratospheric aerosol components in HETEAC
Athena Augousta Floutsi, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (1.2.1 Processes and Algorithms: Lidar)
3A probabilistic approach to determine the thermodynamic cloudphase using passive satellites
Johanna Mayer, German Aerospace Center (1.2.2 Processes and Algorithms: Radar and Imagers)
4High resolution NWP simulations for CADDIWA aircraft campaign
Zhipeng Qu, Environment and Climate Change Canada (1.2.3 Processes and Algorithms: Cloud µPhysics)
5Can space-borne Doppler radar capture thermals in deep convective clouds?
Toshi Matsui, Nasa Gsfc & Essic Umd (1.2.4 Processes and Algorithms: Deep Convection and Cirrus)
6Recent updates of the generalized retrieval code “GRASP” and potential use in EarthCARE mission
Masahiro Momoi, Grasp Sas (1.2.5 Processes and Algorithms: Aerosols and Clouds)
7How machine learning models could impact the parameterization of vertical cloud cover within cloud/climate model?
Shan Zeng, COHERENT APPLICATIONS, INC. (1.3 Model Assimilation and Parameterisation)
83D simulations to assess cloud parallax effects in solar and thermal radiative flux estimation for the EarthCARE BBR instrument
Carlos Domenech, GMV (1.4 Radiation and ERB)
9Unfiltering of the EarthCARE BBR: The BM-RAD processor
Almudena Velazquez Blazquez, Royal Meteorological Institute Of Belgium (1.4 Radiation and ERB)
10EarthCare - Science Application Studies on Radiative Heating in North African Aerosol Plumes
Sabrina Zechlau, Ludwig Maximilians Universität (1.4 Radiation and ERB)
11Development of a new simulator on COSP2 for vertical doppler velocity of EarthCARE CPR
Yuhi Nakamura, Atmosphere And Ocean Research Institute, The University Of Tokyo (1.3 Model Assimilation and Parameterisation)
12The daytime top-of-the-atmosphere cirrus cloud radiative forcing estimated from MPLNET and CALIOP lidar products
Erica Dolinar, US Naval Research Lab (1.2.1 Processes and Algorithms: Lidar)
13Impacts of 4-stream radiative transfer on climate simulated by CanESM5.1
Jason Cole, Environment And Climate Change Canada (1.3 Model Assimilation and Parameterisation)
14Updating EarthCARE synthetic data using the global 220-m mesh simulation
Masaki Satoh

Cal/Val Posters
15EVID01: EarthCARE BBR L1 and L2 Products Assessment
Nicolas Clerbaux 
16EVID03: German Initiative for the Validation of EarthCARE (GIVE)
Ulla Wandinger
17EVID04: SPACECARE (Study of Precipitation in the AntarctiC with EarthCARE)
Christophe Genthon 
18EVID05: ACTRIS for EarthCare L2 product evaluation (AECARE)
Holger Baars
Eduardo Landulfo
20EVID08: Validation of EarthCARE level2 radar products in high-latitude and Arctic climates
Dmitri Moisseev
21EVID09: Balloon Aerosols Instruments for the Validation of EarthCare (BAIVEC)
Jean-Baptiste Renard
22EVID10: MORECALVAL : MObile Radar-Lidar-Radiometer EarthCare CAL/VAL project
Julien Delanoe
23EVID11: An Italian coordinated contribution to the Validation of EarthCare products from three atmospheric observatories in the Central Mediterranean Sea.
Gian Luigi Liberti
24EVID12: British and Korean lidars for ATLID validation (BAKLAVA)
Detlef Mueller
25EVID14: CESAR for EarthCARE evaluation (CECARE)
Arnoud Apituley
26EVID15: ACTRIS-FR proposal for EarthCARE Cal/Val
Qiaoyun Hu 
27EVID17: EarthCARE Cal/Val Using the NASA Micro Pulse Lidar Network (MPLNET)
Ellsworth Welton
28EVID18: Airborne and Lidar Validation of EarthCARE (ALIVO EarthCARE)
Robert Oscar David
29EVID20: Validation of EarthCARE Product in China
Xuiqing Hu
30EVID21: Calibration and Validation for EarthCARE Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR) using Ground Based and Satellite Weather Radar Observations
V. Chandrasekar
31EVID22:Validation of the EarthCARE ATLID and MSI products using ground-based lidar and sunphotometry measurements in East Asia
Tomoaki Nishizawa
32EVID23:Validation of EarthCARE products towards their homogenization with CALIPSO for consolidating the 3D long-term ESA-LIVAS climatology of aerosols, clouds and radiation (ACROSS)
Vassilis Amiridis
33EVID24: Statistically based calibration/validation control of ATLID L1 data
Artem Feofilov
34EVID26:Calibration and Validation of EarthCAREs Cloud Profiling Radar Data Products
Ousmane Sy
35EVID27: Evaluation of vertical-profiles and column integrated aerosol properties from EarthCARE in Spain using EARLINET/ACTRIS facilities and airborne data from field-campaigns.
Michael Sicard 
36EVID31: An assessment of EarthCAREs Cloud Property Retrieval Algorithmsfor Persistent Ice-phase Clouds in the Canadian Arcticduring Polar Night
Zhipeng Qu
37EVID32: EarthCARE Calibration and Validation Using an Airborne HSRL
Chris Hostetler
38EVID33: Validation of Atlid lidar data with ground-based lidars in Northern Sweden
Peter Voelger
39EVID34: WEGN4CARE - Validation of EarthCARE cloud and precipitation products by the WegenerNet 3D Open-Air Laboratory for Climate Change Research in southeastern Austria
 Andreas Kvas
40EVID35: Validate Cloud Profiling Radar on EarthCARE against Aircraft Observations of Cirriform Cloud
Vaughan Philips
41EVID36: Aerosol product Validation and Evaluation for EarthCARE (AVE-ECARE)
Larisa Sogacheva
42EVID37: Calibration and Validation of EarthCARE Retrieved Products Using Measurements from the UK Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM)
Kamil Mroz
43EVID38: Norwegian initiative for EarthCARE Validation of Aerosol uncertainties and Radiation products in the Arctic (NEVAR)
Kerstin Stebel
44EVID39: Cyprus Observations for EarthCARE vALidation (CORAL)
Rodanthi Elisavet Mamouri
45EVID40: Combining EarthCARE and ARM facility measurements for validation and research applications
James Mather
46EVID41: Assessment of EarthCARE Aerosol and Cloud Products through Ground-based Measurements from the E-PROFILE and AERONET networks ( AEROCLOUD)
Francisco Navas
47Development and Validation of the Japanese EarthCARE 4-sensor standard algorithm for radiation fluxes
Akira Yamauchi
48Validation Plan for CPR ECO Product
Hiroaki Horie
49Validation plan for EarthCARE/CPR using scanning Ka-band cloud radar
Tadayasu Ohigashi
50Aerosol optical properties and validation plan by using Sky radiometer
Kazuma Aoki
51Validation studies of L2 cloud products by CPR, CPR-ATLID and CPR-ATLID-MSI
Hajime Okamoto
52CPR Doppler validation using WINDAS
Yuichi Ohno
53AD-Net and SAVER-Net lidar networks for validation of ATLID products
Yoshitaka Jin
54Evaluation of vertical air motion from CPR by multi-parameter phased array weather radar
Nobuhiro Takahashi
55Remote sensing observation in Cyprus
Dragos Ene
56Ground based Alpha-lidar capabilities for EarthCARE data products evaluation
Anca Nemuc
57MULTIPLY-ESA HRSL -status of development and implementation
Anca Nemuc
58Evaluation of precipitation properties
Mana Ueno
59Contributions from ATOLL aerosol remote sensing observatory to space-lidar missions
Qiaoyun Hu
60Assessment of the environmental conditions for the generation of ice particle types from A-train observations
Shizuka Komatsu
61GID, thefederated network of disdrometers in Italy at the service of satellitevalidation plans: an application to GPM DPR products 
Elisa Adirosi
62Ground-based W-band measurement in Italy: an additional opportunity in support of EarthCARE cal/val activities
Mario Montopoli
63ESA processor production model
64ESA validation activities

DEMO-1L1 ATLID and MSI simulators
David Donovan and Nils Madenach
DEMO-2Cal/Val tools on EVDC 
Jarek Dobrzanski

L1 transformational tool for CPR
Lukas Pfitzenmaier


Atmosphere Virtual Lab
Sander Niemeijer


Cal/Val database on EVDC
Ann Mari Fjaeraa


ESA orbit tools
Montserrat Pinol-Sole